Warsash URC is an outward facing Church and engages in various Street based activities.

Crosswalk – Southampton
Together with the Evangelist Eric Casto, we take teams out to the city of Southampton and share out the Four Smiles tracts.   Here is an extract from the 2012 event.
Crosswalk2012 030 Crosswalk2012 001

Crosswalk2012-003 tarct1

Lee on Solent Outreach Concerts

Outside our Church Members (Ken and Karen Chan’s) Optometrists shop in Lee on Solent we perform Songs – both Gospel and Popular and present the Gospel message to the crowds who gather to listen.   LOSOReach_1205 019

More recently we have joined the Lee on Solent Christmas event performing Christmas Carols and Songs from the Shows.

LOS Outreach 2015