Please note that all Church Meetings are now closed to the Public.

We are operating remotely but we are not live streaming any Podcast from our own Church.

Members are streaming from a Variety of Christian Sources or for those without Internet Connection pre-recorded messages are available to deliver on CD’s.
If you’d like any help on this please contact us using

Prayer is the most effective way to get access to spiritual help and to reach out to God.
You can do that yourself of course – just present your needs to him in Faith.
We also have teams who will pray for your needs and if you have access to e-mail send these to    If you don’t have an internet connection you may contact the Church Secretary by telephone.   Tel 01489-584317.

We are working on the basis that will re-open in May unless the Govt restrictions still apply to prevent that.

Please stay safe and Healthy

God is our ever-present help in times of need  Psalm 46 :1